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Cloud Value Assessment

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Cloud Value Assessment (CVA)

A Cloud Value Assessment (“CVA”) is an exclusive GSI offering that provides you with a Cloud Migration Strategy/Roadmap that is in complete alignment with your business goals.


  • We look at all things “Cloud” – IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, ITaaS or can focus on one workload or a specific grouping of workloads
  • Answers the questions as to whether the movement of workloads to the cloud is suitable for their current and future business needs
  • Includes thorough assessment of current state of each workload (costs, scalability, support/skills, security needs/risks)
  • Utilizes GSI’s gSuccess Methodology to build a roadmap to provide a targeted migration strategy to “move and improve” with a full analysis of ROI and TCO, and future state support models.


What is the Process?


  • Identify workloads to be included in the assessment (applications, infrastructure, middleware, etc.)
  • Determine scope and business processes to be included
  • Outline “pre-work” for client team to ensure productive outcomes from the CVA


  • Review Goals / Objectives / areas for improvement with Client Subject Matter Experts
  • Evaluate workloads and/or the group of workloads that the client considers moving to cloud
  • Identify inefficiencies in the use of the applications and supporting platforms
  • Perform skills inventory/assessment
  • Identify/document risks


  • Deliver and review the findings and recommendations
  • Present Cloud Migration Roadmap
  • Prioritized Scope
  • High Level Timeline
  • High Level Estimate
  • Provide ROI and TCO analysis
  • Provide Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Identify future state support needs

Process OverviewProcess 2

What is the Duration?

Typically a 2-3 week process based on the number of workloads to be analyzed. Client and SW vendor participation is required.

Roadmap/Timeline Overview

Roadmap and Timeline

 What Are the Deliverables?

  • Documented findings and recommendations
  • Cloud Migration Roadmap
  • Prioritized Scope
  • High Level Timeline
  • High Level Estimate
  • ROI and TCO Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Strategy
  • Future State Support Needs


Samples of Deliverables

System ReviewSystem Review Samples 4

TCO AnalysisTCO Analysis Samples

Applications ReviewApplication Review Samples

Other SamplesOther Samples 2

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