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Updating and Saving Historical Costs

Dan Schultheis, Sr Manager - Enterprise Consulting

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Oh, the Holidays, I love this time of year…way too much food, fun stuff to do, get your tree, string the lights, roll your costs…wait what?

With all of the fun that happens at the end of the year, here is a nice tip to store your historical cost in the F4105 table.

Prior to the updating of costs for 2018, it is nice to be able to save the current cost in the same table and as luck would have it, the years are all falling into the ‘user reserved’ zone at least for the next 82 years.

Simple enough to add a new cost method that can just store the cost for as long as you want to save it.


Effectively Using NetSuite Financials

On-Demand Webcast

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During this webcast, we will demonstrate NetSuite Financial Reports, including:

  • Dashboards
  • Profit & Loss Reports
  • Balance Sheet



Roadmap: Using IoT in the Supply Chain

William Craig, CPA – Senior Manager Market Research - Digital Transformation

Supply Chain IoTWith the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices being deployed throughout the supply chain process, companies can now get real-time visibility into unprecedented amounts of information about each supply chain resource (i.e. asset, person, process, etc.). These technological advancements have created a major paradigm shift in how supply chains are managed today.

RFID’s, GPS, sensors and other IoT devices can be now be embedded or associated with inventory, shipments, raw materials, equipment, containers, warehouses, vehicles, drivers, assembly lines, and more; providing a wealth of useful information and insight which was never previously available.


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Cloud Technology - Where Is My Computer?

Lonnie Elwood, Sr. Client Success Manager – Cloud/Hosting


Advances in Cloud technology have forced IT organizations to alter their thinking about how they handle their computing workload needs. Computing workload should be thought of computing tasks that need to have compute resources available to them. Not only is there the question of where those resources are located (on-premise vs. Cloud), but the nature of the computing resources themselves. We can generally categorize those resources as below:


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Digital Transformation Issue 21

David Telford, Vice President of Innovation

digital transformation mediumSome of you may have noticed I missed the deadline for this article in October. Turns out I was with my colleagues at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, where my need for continuous education received a supercharge. Three intense days of high-quality content and one-on-one meetings with analysts was about all my diminishing hippocampus could take. I was full up. But now that I have had some time to digest, I hunger for more. In short, it was spectacular.


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Experteaser, November 2018

Kalyn Hensley, Marketing Coordinator


Question: Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet how you miss me, When I have flown! What am I? 

Submit your answer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The first one to correctly answer wins a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. See the answer in next month's issue!




Meet the GSI Family: Nelson Bergamo

Nelson Bergamo, Senior Clent Development Account Executive

GSI FamilyNelson is one of our newer employees. Originally from Rochester, New York, Nelson joined the GSI family on October 1st and lives in Oviedo, Florida with his wife, Alexandra, two daughters Inah and Sarah, and his Chocolate Lab, Hannah.

He is a senior client development account executive and said he loves working for GSI because the tools available to generate leads are quite remarkable and all the internal GSI folks he has interacted with are very friendly and helpful.