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The GSInsider - February 2019 NetSuite Edition

Kevin R. Herrig, President and CEO



Welcome to the February 2019 issue of the GSInsider - NetSuite Edition, where you'll find great educational content on NetSuite, including tips & tricks, videos, Q & A, how-to's, industry news, technology updates, trends, contests, conference updates, out and about pictures, and more!  GSI's educational content starts with our free educational webcasts that we hold each week on topics related to NetSuite.

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What's New in NetSuite?

Kalyn Hensley, Marketing Coordinator - NetSuite News

newsIn a world that is ever-changing, we tend to see new trends pop up virtually everywhere we go. What if those trends weren’t just intended to be around for a day or even a month? What if the trends we see in 2019 are meant to have long lasting effects on our businesses?

Oracle Corp. has announced a way to help small businesses grow revenues, expand internationally and empower business users through new changes made to its cloud computing platform. 


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EnterpriseOne: "Next Numbers" Confusion?

Dan Schultheis, Sr Manager - Enterprise Consulting

Next Numbers by Company

Having been in the JD Edwards field for just short of forever, I take some little things for granted that bug the heck out of folks all the time. Let’s use the document next numbers… they are pretty straight forward for the most part, but then you get into the funky transactions and, well, that’s when the logic wheels fall off the wagon. I’m talking about those documents that make you search and sometimes even let a little swear slip out, because you forgot to write down the second document. For example, in an ST/OT transaction, you had the sales order number but now you don’t have the OT number. Sure, it’s easy to look up but really, you have the PO inquiry already open and just needed to load in the DOCO.


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What is GRC Exactly? 

Brian Connor - Manager Security & Fraud Protection

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What is GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance)?


There are many industry standards that businesses do or should strive to achieve. GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practices is common in the pharmaceutical industry, and GAAP or Generally accepted accounting principles is applicable for any business that deals with money. One standard that does not seem to be discussed very much in the JDE world is GRC.


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Database Server Specs - Go Big or Go Home?

Bill Rehm, ATS - Database Lead


There’s a big upgrade coming up and it’s time to buy new hardware. The business wants to build a server that can handle anything, and you’ve got a decent budget to work with. Since you have the money you just load that bad boy up with all the CPU and RAM you can afford. That’ll make it run faster than ever!

Another scenario is that you have performance problems and queries are just not moving through very fast. If you double the RAM and CPU that will make everything run at 2x speed!



The GSInsider - January 2019 JD Edwards Edition

Kevin R. Herrig, President and CEO

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Welcome to the January 2019 issue of the GSInsider! You'll find great educational content, including tips & tricks, industry news & insights, trends, how-to's, videos, upcoming webcasts, what's new with the GSI Family and more!

Our educational content starts with our free educational webcasts that we hold each week on topics related to JD Edwards. You can check out our schedule and register by visiting JD Edwards Webcasts. You can also access our on-demand webcasts by visiting On-Demand Webcasts.