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Viewing Standard Costs in NetSuite

Jennifer Sanske, Business Analyst


Winter is in full force and bringing bitter cold to many regions around the globe, but that is no reason to be bitter about analyzing Standard Costing in NetSuite. This article will present 2 ways of viewing your Standard Costs, so you can continue to build your toolbox of tricks.

 1. Costed Bill of Material Inquiry.

 a. Navigate to Transactions > Manufacturing > Costed Bill of Materials Inquiry.


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The Difference Between Crosstabbed & Tabular Reports in OpenAir


So, what is the difference between Crosstabbed and Tabular reports?

It can be a little intimidating at first, but once you get the big difference you can unlock some serious reporting in OpenAir!



2019 Trends: 5 Practical Uses for Drones in the Supply Chain

William Craig, CPA – Senior Manager - Market Research 

Done 1aIn the spring of 2019, residents of the remote First Nation Island in Northern Ontario will begin receiving packages delivered using drones. Toronto-based company, Drone Delivery Canada (DDC), will transport supplies, food, medicine and mail from the mainland town of Moosonee (BBC), using drones that can handle payloads up to 11 lbs. Although the island can be accessed via the Moose River by boat in the summer and an ice road in the winter, it is difficult to access in the spring and fall during the freeze-up/ break-up of the river (CBC). After planning and testing for 2 years, the service is now approved for commercial use.


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Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Lonnie Elwood, Sr. Client Success Manager – Cloud/Hosting


There are many ways to take advantage of the technology that underpins all Cloud platform computing. Cloud providers spend a lot of time and money architecting their platform to make sure they are stable and have minimal downtime, but system anomalies occur, just as they do with traditional on-premises systems. So, what does your business need?


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GSI 360 - February 2019

William Craig, CPA, Senior Manager - Marketing


pic360In the GSI 360 section of the GSInsider, we share with you the latest GSI "out and about” pictures over the past month. For February, we have a great picture from the Atlanta office & from the Pac Rim Regional Users Group Meeting. 

Here is the latest.



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Experteaser, February 2019

Kalyn Hensley, Marketing Coordinator


Question: When you add two letters to the five-letter word, it becomes shorter. What is it? 

Submit your answer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The first one to correctly answer wins a $10 Starbucks Gift Card. See the answer in next month's issue!

Last Month's Teaser

Question: I have forests but no trees. I have lakes but no water. I have roads but no cars. What am I?