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Installing Oracle 12.2 Client Software on Windows

Bill Rehm, ATS - Database Lead

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With Oracle going off of free extended support on December 31st, 2018, and Oracle on July 31st, 2019, a lot of database upgrades to Oracle 12.2 have been completed, planned, or are in progress. One of the things often overlooked is installing the newer Oracle client software on application servers to replace the existing older version of Oracle client software. This whitepaper is meant to guide you through the 12.2 client installation along with the installation options, that usually satisfies most application needs.



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Updates to RapidReconciler for December 2018

Edward Gutkowski, Chief Architect - Rapid Reconciler

RR top picAs part of our continuous improvement process, the RapidReconciler team deploys periodic enhancements to our web application and/or database objects. This month the following changes have been published: 

  • Inventory Integrity Report 6 “Frozen Cost Integrity” – We have added additional columns for cost level, location and lot number. This will help determine the exact issues, especially for cost level 3 items. Previously we limited the row count by focusing on cost levels 1 and 2.
  • Help Video for “Reloading Cardex Records” –  Reloading cardex records may be necessary, if conversion factors have been changed or data has been altered in JDE via SQL or other I/T methods. RapidReconciler has the ability to delete cardex records from a specified date forward, so they can be reloaded with the updated information. A help video has been added showing how to use this functionality. You have to have administrative priviledges to run it. See the figure on the right.



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EnterpriseOne: How to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Dan Schultheis, Sr Manager - Enterprise Consulting

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Reminder, E1 can do the work for you…

This statement has been made by me a lot to clients over the years, and I just said it again recently when there was a ‘retirement’ of some item masters and a slew of category codes on the item master needed to be made.  The client was going to do it again for all the branches as well…HOLD IT…HOLD EVERYTHING! E1 can do that work for you!

Let’s use a small example here, just a simple cat code update. Since we went through the Item Master and made the change, and we indeed wanted the change pushed down to the multiple branches, JDE has created a program for this - R41803.



The New GENIUS "Augmented Intelligence" Client Portal

Rick Saltness, Senior Developer

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The GENIUS team released a new version of the client portal this week with a fresh, new look! The new portal still contains all the ties into our GENIUS monitoring platform and has enhanced integration with the ServiceNow platform.

The new portal better positions our team to build new monitors, integrate into our ServiceNow implementation, and performs much better than the previous portal.

The GENIUS portal’s initial page shows monitored servers, and status GREEN for no alerts, YELLOW for warning alerts, and RED for critical or error alerts. Also, you can download your most recent Monthly Performance Report at any time.


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Active User Workaround 

Jimmy Morales, Consultant


Question: I can’t report on users based on their Active Status! Is there a workaround?

Through a very simple script and a single custom field, you can work around this limitation in Open Air quickly and easily. Follow the steps below to allow reporting by active status in Open Air.



2019 Tech Trends: Using Robotics in the Supply Chain

William Craig, CPA – Senior Manager - Market Research 

Warehouse RobotsToday, autonomous things or AuTs are everywhere, but what is an AuT?  It could be robot, a vehicle, a drone, an appliance, an application, etc. that can be configured to perform tasks with little to no human intervention.  Interestingly, they have actually been an integral and very useful part of society for quite some time!  Consider automotive factory robots, military drones, automated teller machines, cruise control in cars, autopilot in planes, and more.  Today, we see newer innovations like a Roomba vacuum, a collision avoidance system in a car, a Fitbit watch, a Nest thermostat, an Alexa assistant (VPA), the Uber app, and the list goes on!  


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Transfer Orders and Intercompany Transfer Orders

Jennifer Sanske, Business Analyst


Are you using Transfer Orders and Intercompany Transfer Orders in NetSuite? Are you in need of defaulting one form for certain users and the other for other users? This is an issue many of us face using NetSuite. But fear not! Even though you have to choose one or the other, you can use your Roles to accommodate the need for defaulting forms based on User Roles.